Red, white and green make this fun Fussili as delicious as it is colorful.  Crispy sautéed kale, lightly steamed winter tomatoes and melted mozzarella and a pinch of feta pack flavor and keep things simple in one pan. Save a cup of pasta water before you strain the pasta to add back to the pan to create a creamy texture that pairs perfectly with delicious and heart healthy Olivio Buttery Spread.


  1. Boil pasta according to package instructions.  Reserve 1 cup of pasta water before straining cooked pasta.
  2. Return the pot used to cook the pasta to medium heat on the stove. Add the Olivio and sautée the garlic with the Kale.  Cook until garlic becomes fragrant and kale wilts and crisps, about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Return the pasta to the pan and toss in tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella.  Season with salt and pepper and add a splash (or more) of the reserved pasta water to create a beautiful, creamy texture.
  4. Serve hot and garnish with crumbled feta.  Easy Peasy!

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