Get outside! But first, Organize the Playroom…

Spring is in the air and that means…it’s time to clean! As our attention starts to shift outside with the nicer weather, it feels great to get a grip on indoor life and that means ORGANIZING! I’m always looking for new ideas that help me feel sane when it comes to the kids things. Their interests are always expanding and shifting and the toys and materials are an investment that we all want to take good care of but also keep organized. Here are some of my favorite links this month!

  1. There’s no shortage of great ideas with Futurist Architecture. From cubbies to clean up mats, this link has it all!
  2. Even though my kids are little, they are prolific when it comes to art production. Finding clever and tasteful ways to rotate and showcase their masterpieces is always on my radar. I’m loving this Feed Puzzle idea!
  3. I love how Style Blueprint celebrates how visual appealing activities and art supplies actual are and gives us great ideas to showcase our materials!

Do you have an organization secret??? Please share!

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