Apples to Inspire

Apples inspire us in the Kitchen

Baked apples bring instant warmth and seasonality to your home. Don’t limit your baking to only Granny Smith.  Matsu, Pink Lady and Honeycrisp varieties are also fantastic in the oven maintaining structure and a perfect sweet – tart balance. On their own, baked apples make a delicious side to a savory main dish like our bird-of-the-month, turkey or even ham.  Add our beloved caramel sauce and a little vanilla bean ice cream and you have a superb dessert. Our ultimate secret to the perfect baked apple includes substituting Olivio and the goodness of Mediterranean Olive Oil for conventional butter.  Zero cholesterol, low in saturated fat and rich in buttery flavor, Olivio celebrates the apple and seasonal spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Take a bite.  You deserve it!

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