Back to School means…

In a blink of an eye, we are in Back-to-School mode. That means, it’s time to pack up summer!  FUN should be turn key and just because it’s time to switch gears, doesn’t mean that we can’t have our sights set on next summer. Here are a few things that will leave you a step ahead next year.

Toss what you can: Bug spray and sunscreen will not keep well a full year. By the end of the summer you may have accumulated many odd bottles. Save the best for the few hot days left and toss the rest.

Donate too: Especially with fast growing children, pass along what you know will no longer fit or be age appropriate in another 9 months before you pack it and leave it to take up valuable storage space.

Organize and clean before you store: Be nice to your “future self” and power wash sun umbrellas and sanitize beach towels before wrapping them in plastic for their long winter nap.

Clear bins just make it easy: It’s always helpful to see what you have.  On the first warm day of Spring, you may not be ready to unpack all of summer, but a clear bin storage system easily lets you track down where your horseshoe set is!

Switch gears: It doesn’t need to all go away at once.  Outdoor games like bocce and corn hole are fun through fall. The bugs die down, the temperature drops and we may have even saved room for a s’more or too.  Maybe the life jackets and beach buckets can be packed away for now but keep some activities out that keep the fun going outside and help stretch the season!

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