Back to School Acts of Goodness

In our family, the routine that comes along with heading back to school brings us closer together as a family.  We pull out our favorite weeknight menus, lay clothes out for the following day and start moving like a well oiled machine as we click into gear. As we move forward, each year looks a little different. Feet have grown, interest have become more defined, and school supplies are replenished.  With the kids engaged in a new school year of activities, interests and subjects, this is a perfect time to think of others and extend the excitement that comes along with fall to families that could use a helping hand.

Clothing: Take advantage of having a quieter house and go through the closet, attic, basement and garage. Look for gently used kids clothing, last year’s winter jackets, and shoes with life left to donate.

Supplies: While you help your kids get their supplies organized for the year, pull out unused materials, developmental games your kids have out grown and supplies that haven’t been touched in a year.

Gear: It’s not just school supplies, fall sports bring gear and special equipment.  Don’t let last years cleats and shin guards go to waste and help a kid get outfitted for a great season of sports.

Organizations like Cradles to Crayons do a great job mapping out what the items are that are most needed and connecting you with the people who need them most.  Consider taking things one step further and hosting a drive in your neighborhood or kid’s classroom to make an even more meaningful impact.

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