Clams are a Delicious Flavor of Mediterranean Cooking

Clams are a favorite in this house.  They are packed with iron, high in protein and rich in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It’s no wonder that so many of the best Mediterranean seafood dishes feature this sweet, briny little morsel!  Whether you live near the water and harvest fresh clams at the beach, or you have spotted some beauties on packed ice at your local grocery store, grab a bushel and try a new recipe!

Have you ever shucked a clam? It’s easy!  See how we do it here:

Tip: Unless a recipe calls for steaming or roasting clams, I like to shuck them raw.  They are loaded with a delicious “liqueur” that will enhance any seafood dish.  While steaming clams can help open them, you will loose some of the intensity of flavor that we love most about this special ingredient.  Roll up your sleeves, grab your shucking knife and give it a try!