Cooking with Kids

I love to see my kids get excited about eating a healthy meal. However, their personalities make their appetites unpredictable. One of the best ways to get them to eat well is to engage them in the process, from harvesting to baking. It makes a great activity too! Here are 5 of our family’s favorite foods to prepare and enjoy together:

Clams and Mussels: Harvesting shellfish can be a lot of fun for everyone.  If you don’t live by the beach, grab a bushel from your seafood department and have your kids help clean the shells like we did here.

Baked Oats: With so many ways to customize these heart healthy oats, the kids will love the options and all the pouring!

Pizza night: From simple “cheesy fingers” to gourmet fig and prosciutto, the more options the better. Flash bake the dough to give the kids (and you) a hassle free start to their creations.

Popcorn: Some like it sweet, some like it salty… We love the entire ritual of homemade popcorn! From pouring the kernels and watching it pop, to loading on our favorite toppings and then getting cozy and enjoying it! Be creative and don’t forget the Olivio Spray:)

Cookie Butter: This sweet treat is a an over the top indulgence and pairs well with fresh fruit. It’s also a lot of fun to assemble. Have the kids pick their favorite cookies and get their help smashing and stirring too.

What’s a favorite dish your family loves to help make (and eat) too?

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