Don’t Stress! It’s Relaxation Day

Did you know August 15th is National Relaxation Day?  Don’t stress!  In our fast paced, multitasking lives, a reminder to slow down, recharge and smell the roses will help keep us healthy and energized for the long haul.  What’s better,  a little preparation and inspiration can help us get the most out of our OM!

Here are a few tips:

Plan for it: Make National Relaxation Day feel like a holiday and take care of deadlines, homework and chores the day before.  Looking at a to-do list that is completely crossed off is one of the most relaxing things there is, right?

Eat right: Fuel your body with the food that makes it thrive! Lean protein, complex carbohydrates and loads of fruits and vegetables will set you in the right direction.  Start your day with a green juice or green tea.  Chocolate is even proven to help you relax. That sounds like a power breakfast!

Get your heart pumping: Exercise clears the mind of stress.  Get added benefits by enjoying a hike outdoors. Fresh air is revitalizing.

Sun Helps: Find a patch of sun and enjoy a meal al fresco. Vitamin D is a proven mood enhancer.  Just don’t forget the SPF!

Turn the music up: Dance like no one is watching!  The old adage has stood the test of time for a reason.  Experiencing music you love and expressing it through dance and movement, helps release the body of stress and reset positive emotions.

The key is repetition  A spa day sounds like the perfect way to celebrate National Relaxation Day!  But if you can’t squeeze it onto the calendar, repetitive movements like brushing your hair and even knitting can help you tap into your inner zen.  Really!

Stop and smell the flowers…or the oranges, or the coffee: The power of scent can influence mood. The smell of fresh flowers, citrus and even coffee beans can benefit the mental state.

Schedule time with your funniest friend: Laughter is the best medicine.  We all have a favorite person who makes us smile from the inside out.  Why not schedule a play date with this person and chuckle your way through the day, relaxed and in style?

Detox the digital: Staying connected is great but try taking a pause from your phone, even for 4 hours to really be present and engaged with what is in front of you.

How do you relax? We’d love to know!


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