Enjoy Olivio Buttery Spray

I love Olivio Buttery Spray!  Olivio Buttery Spray and the new Olivio Parmesan Spray let you easily enjoy the healthy goodness of Mediterranean Olive Oil with rich buttery flavor. Think beyond popcorn. This is a staple in our kitchen because of its versatility, delicious flavor and health benefits.

Here are some ways my family enjoys the Buttery Spray:

Basic Topping– Vegetables, bread, toast, pasta, rice, fish…and of course popcorn. Bring Olivio Buttery Spray to your weeknight table and use it to add a punch of flavor without the guilt. Buttered green beans with almonds and lemon, seared trout with thyme, toasty rice with cumin all sing with a finishing spritz of Olivio and keep your diet on track.

Preparation– Use Olivio Buttery Spray to prepare a nonstick surface when baking cakes, cookies and breads. Try our new Olivio Parmesan Spread when you are baking savory items like Corn Bread or Frittatas.

Finish Crust on Bread and Pizza– One of our favorite kitchen tricks is to spray Olivio Buttery Spray along the outside rim of a pizza crust just after it comes out of the oven to add a mouth watering, buttery treat in every last bite.  No crust left behind!

Roasting– Olivio Buttery Spray works great when you are preparing meat like a chicken roaster or pork loin for the oven.  Generously season your meat with salt and pepper, then spray with Olivio Buttery Spray before placing in the oven to achieve a deep, delicious buttery flavor.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Olivio Buttery Spray?  Send me a message and share your kitchen secrets with us. Happy cooking!