Everyday with Olivio

There are so many delicious and healthy ways to enjoy Olivio in your kitchen.  We agree that Olivio makes an outstanding spread, but have you ever tried using Olivio as a baking substitute for butter or canola oil? Think outside the box and trim the extra fat and cholesterol from your diet. Below, are some of the ways I use the different Olivio products.  I hope this gives you inspiration for healthy cooking and eating in your kitchen.

Original Buttery Spread – A household staple, this spread is a fantastic addition to almost everything in the kitchen.  Our family loves to use this simply as a spread as well as a direct substitute for cooking or baking recipes that call for butter, canola or vegetable oil.  We also substitute the Buttery Spread for Olive Oil when cooking, if we want to add a rich, buttery flavor to the dish like with fish, vegetables or pasta. This spread responds well to heat and will not separate.  I use it as a direct substitute in baking for butter to lower the fat, calories and cholesterol of my sweet treats.

Buttery Light Spread – Looking for even fewer fat and calories in your spread?  The Buttery Light Spread has delicious flavor and can help you keep the numbers down when you are reaching for a spread to use on your bread, toast, pancakes and pasta.

Olivio Spreadable Butter – This is a fantastic direct alternative to butter and a great way to begin to reduce your cholesterol and saturated fat. Smother your next roast, chicken or turkey in this spreadable butter for delicious flavor. For the technical bakers out there who love to make rich, salty caramel and confections, try Olivio Spreadable Butter and bring a bite of the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle into your treats.  It performs!

Olivio Coconut Spread – Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. This spread walks across the kitchen with ease and delight.  Delicious as a simple spread, don’t be shy using this as an alternative to butter or olive oil while cooking.  Heavier, robust dishes like marinaras and ragus absorb the light flavor of the coconut while lighter broth or curry based dishes let the flavor shine.  The coconut spread can also be used as a direct alternative when preparing baked goods that call for butter, canola oil or vegetable oil.  This is especially delicious in cakes and cookies!

Olivio Buttery Spray – Popcorn and Olivio Buttery Spray isn’t the only thing that runs hand in hand. This delicious spray extends far beyond the popcorn.  I love to spritz everything before I place it on the grill- from veggies to meat. Prefer to spritz instead of spray? This is a fantastic topping on weekday basics coming out of the toaster or oven. Add extra flavor to your pizza crust with the Buttery Spray and glaze with a light rub of garlic. Add flavor and ease when baking when you mist your baking pans with this before the oven to help your goodies pop out without a sweat.

I’d love to hear your favorite uses for Olivio!  Do you have a delicious recipe? Send it along and maybe we will feature it in our weekly test kitchen recipe. Happy eating!