Exercise and Explore

For our family, September rolls in like a lion and brings with it a new schedule, school meetings, sports and a bit of chaos.  Sound familiar? Finding physical activities that we can share as a family like nature hikes are packed with benefits tenfold.  Taking advantage of the crisp fall air, the drop in humidity and the changing color of leaves gives us all energy.

Speaking of energy, our kids have a lot of it! Finding productive places to put it, like nature hikes, keeps us from bouncing off the walls inside.  It also focuses the attention to our surroundings.  Hunting for brilliant colored leaves, banana slugs and squirrel snacks like pinecones engage our children and stir conversation.

Make the most of your experience and pull activities full circle with a book the night before that sets the tone.  After the hike, use the experience to inspire a craft project.  Bed time is a wonderful time to reflect on the experience and hone in on stewardship, respect for all living things and the changing seasons.  Not to mention, the fresh air ensures a long night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

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