Happy Siblings Day!

There are many nationally recognized days that make the year brighter. From National Donut Day to National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, it’s easy for us to get excited. Guilt free old fashioned glazed donut for breakfast? Yes, please! Well, one of my favorite days since becoming a mother is National Siblings Day on April 10th.

In the 1990’s Claudia Evart founded this national day of recognition for brothers and sisters. Since, the day has grown into a large non-profit that gives back to communities all across the country. I believe it is a day truly worth celebrating.

Growing up as an only child, I feel privileged to observe, nurture and guide the kindred connection my son and daughter have with one another.  Not having a sibling experience of my own, I wasn’t sure if I would have the skill set to foster and teach the two of them how to love and LIKE each other. Daily, I am humbled by their connection and compassion they have for each other.

Families, by nature, can be fascinating and deeply complex. I hope that my husband and I can imprint upon our two children love, kindness, and humor as they grow into adulthood.  Life certainly can shift and throw curve balls.  Siblings can offer a vital touchstone throughout the years, helping to weather storms and hopefully share many laughs.

How will you celebrate this year? For all of the adult brothers and sisters out there, pick up the phone and call your siblings! For our family, you will find us in the garden. This year, Siblings Day falls on a school day for us.  We love doing things with our hands and making things.  This year we plan to celebrate by planting seeds in a little garden near our chicken coop. How fun to be able to watch the flowers grow through the spring and summer knowing they were planted on Siblings Day! We will be sharing our day using the hashtag #nationalsiblingsday.  Follow along and share your day as well.


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