“Hoppy” Easter!

This year for Easter, we are breaking out of our shell and upping the auntie on the traditional egg hunt in the garden with the addition of Jelly Bean treasures. Hand dyed eggs and homemade bunny ears are certain to make this day memorable… and a perfect photo opportunity!

Would you like to see our inspiration? Check out some of these links to see our inspiration:

It can be tricky to keep sugary sweets in moderation on a holiday filled with chocolate bunnies and candy eggs.  I love thinking of “sugar free” alternatives for egg fillers that can also inspire creativity and excitement in the kids. This site has some fun ideas!

Magical things happen when the kids plant jelly beans the day before Easter. Don’t believe us? Check this out!

If your kids are like mine, they love to get their hands in different materials and be crafty. I love to mix up activities and use arts and crafts to talk about the significance of a holiday. We also create memories and new traditions while we’re at it! This year, I’ve found some really cute ideas here.

Happy Easter!

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