Mango Tahini Smoothie

Visualize sunny days with this Mango Tahini Smoothie and tackle the last few days of winter by packing your morning with fruits and veggies.  Go ahead, and check 3 servings of ruffage off the list before 9 am with this super smoothie.   Color aside, you would never guess it’s packed with iron-rich spinach. Nom nom!


(Serves 1, approx 12 oz)

1 mango (approx 1 cup), peeled, diced and frozen (supports immune system, improves vision, clears complexion, may help prevent cancer)

1 kiwi, diced, frozen (lower blood pressure, supports immune system, regulates blood sugar)

1 cup baby spinach (helps prevent cancer, improves immune system, vision, complexion)

1 Tbs Tahini (strengthens bones and teeth, eliminates kidney waste)

1 Tbs lime juice (appox 1/2 a lime)

1/2 cup water


Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender and blend for approx. 60 seconds on medium high. Add more or less water to achieve desired consistency. Enjoy immediately.