Maple Flirtini Cocktail

Kick off to another great season of “Leaf Peeping” with this delicious cocktail. This is a fall elixir that will set a precedent for all things fun, fall and fab!

 Serves 6 (Recipe can be doubled and makes a great punch!)

The Bar:

1 1/2 cup light spiced rum,

3 cups apple or pear cider,

2 oz vanilla schnapps,

2 oz maple syrup,

1 dash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters,

2 Tbs pressed ginger,

2 Tbs lemon juice,

Garnish with fresh pomegranate seeds, ground nutmeg and a cinnamon

You can control how sweet the party is based on how much schnapps and syrup you add.  If you would like something a little less sweet, add just half of the Vanilla Schnapps and Maple Syrup quantity then add an extra squeeze of ginger for a spicy cocktail

Serve shaken straight up, or stirred on the rocks.

Happy leaf peeping from the heart of New England! CHEERS!