Outdoor Fun for the Family!

It’s time to stretch out the days and get more out of our time outside. Here are six things we do in our own backyard to get the most out of the season!

1.Family games bring people together

Games like corn hole, flag football and ladder toss can be a lot of fun no matter the age and skill level. Adjust the rules based on age and ability. Up the auntie and create some fun prizes for the winners like ribbons or an extra s’more!

2. Invest in an outdoor speaker and set the mood with some great music.

Need to pick the energy up after a big lunch? Turn up the Top 40! Ready to slow down a little and relax? Bring on the Billy Holiday. Music is an easy way to transform your backyard into an amazing destination.

3. Stock your freezer.

At our home, more really is merrier! We love to be spontaneous and invite friends and neighbors over on the fly. Don’t get caught short-handed. A couple extra pounds of sausage or kebabs in the freezer will keep you ready for whoever swings by. Don’t forget to stock up on popsicles while you’re at it.

4. Don’t let it BUG you.

Keep bug spray in a central location so everyone can help himself or herself. There are many great organic options that use natural oils like cedar and clove to keep bugs at bay. Don’t forget to check for ticks when you come inside for the night and clean up with a warm, soapy bath before heading to bed.

5. Extend the day with great outdoor lighting.

The sun may be setting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the games going outside. Turn up the lights, create some drama and forget about bedtime!

6. Bring on the heat.

The sun may have set, but everyone’s energy is burning bright when we can gather around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. S’mores, stories and a moment of heat make everyone feel cozy and excited about the magic of outdoors.

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