Stress Free Thanksgiving

Have your pie and eat it too

At Olivio, we believe that we should all be able to have our pie and eat it too!  Don’t let crowded grocery stores, dishes and extra house guests take the wind out of your sails during this wonderful season of THANKS.  Are you hosting this year? No need to see break a sweat.  Here are some tips from the pros to keep you looking cool:

Chicken Stock– Stock up on double the amount of chicken stock called for in your recipes.  At the end of the day, chicken stock will get you to the finish line.  Under cooked your bird? Continue roasting with added chicken stock.  Need to thin out stiff mashed potatoes? Chicken Stock!  Is your stuffing a little dry after being reheated? You guessed it, chicken stock.  What doesn’t get used will sit nicely in your pantry for a warm winter soup.

Coasters and Festive Cocktail Napkins– Make it easy for your guests to help keep furniture free from water stains by strategically placing coasters and napkins around your entertaining space.  I love collecting cute, festive paper cocktail napkins. And when better to pull them out during the holidays?

Assigned Seating– Will you be hosting 8 or more people this year? Your the host! Cook up some great conversations with strategically placed guests.  It feels extra special sitting down at a setting with your name in front of you.

Tupperware– Don’t forget about the latent benefit of this special holiday…the LEFTOVERS! Casually remind family to bring their own or stock up on take out food containers are your local restaurant supplier or whole seller.

Don’t forget, everything tastes better with a dollop of Olivio!

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