The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut has become an everyday staple in our household.  In the kitchen, we use Olivio Coconut Spread simply as a spread and also as an ingredient in some of our favorite dishes and baked goods.  Olivio Coconut Spread is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, made with non GMO ingredients, and is non-hydrogenated.   The Spread has a natural sweetness and adds a beautiful flavor dimension that is great for sautéing.  You can even taste a subtle vanilla essence in baked goods which makes it ideal for cookies and cakes.

The benefits of Coconut Oil extend beyond the kitchen.  Not only is it nourishment and a wonderful addition to your diet, but it is also a fantastic beauty remedy!  From removing make-up to conditioning your hair, the uses seem endless.  I just had baby #2 in February and used Coconut Oil as a moisturizer on my growing tummy.  (Thanks Coconut Oil, for keeping me stretch mark free!)  Here is a link we love that will give you some ideas and inspiration on how to use this wonderful ingredient: